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Vibrating String Equation
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DynaTension® is a technology that infers tension in cables and other materials without physical contact. DynaTension applies the "vibrating string equation" to derive tension from frequency of vibration. It is inherently accurate and never requires re-calibration.

DynaTension meters are used to measure tension in all materials from the tiniest optical fiber to the largest cable man has made. All with a single instrument!

DynaTension meters allow data collecting and recording via computer interface. More products and applications are continually being developed. All are manufactured in the USA.

tension monitors
tension monitor Non-Contact
tensiometer Recalibration Eliminated
tension meter Reduced Maintenance Costs
load monitor High Dependability

By application of the vibrating string equation, DynaTension tensiometers
measure tension in materials without physical contact. This technology makes in-situ measurement of tension without disturbing the item under test and without in-line installation. There's no wear on the sensor or the cable.

Today the U.S. Navy's entire fleet of aircraft carriers relies on DynaTension.

DynaTension meters measure tension in many diverse applications, including, but not limited to: bridge cables, dam gate cables, mooring lines, geophysical tow cables, belt and webbing, umbilical cables, construction rods, elevator cables, and yacht stays. This can be accomplished while either stationary or running.
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Motivated sales representatives worldwide are invited to contact us for more information regarding commission based sales of our uniquely different tension meters.

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